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Co-Branding Exclusivity

Decillion Helathcare's Exlusivity Sources

Decillion Healthcare offers a co-branding business agreement where we create a dedicated “800” phone number which is answered under the name of the new entity (not Decillion). This type of agreement utilizes all of Decillion Healthcare’s clinical and disease management expertise while providing the patients a single point of contact. Decillion will assign a Care Management Team (CMT) & Patient Care Advocate (PCA) who is responsible to get the patient the lowest copay possible through various 501C3 foundations and manufacturer programs. Decillion will fulfill all front end functions while also dispensing every medication.

Decillion Healthcare Ohio Initiative

Decillion Healthcare is an Ohio based company who services only OHIO, and through this program we commit to delivering medications to patient or physician office within 1 to 4 hours max.

Hospital Readmission Program

Decillion Healthcare specializes in decreasing hospital readmission rates therefore decreasing hospital penalties. Our program is centered around our clinical team’s disease specialization and the frequency of patient follow up regarding side effects, allergies, appropriate time and method to take medication. Decillion Helathcare conducts a full drug profile review to make sure there are no contraindications between medications.

HHA Exclusive Contracts

Decillion Healthcare contracts with only the top, most reputable HHA’s who are credentialed and cover specific geographical areas. Every HHA must be re-credentialed on an annual basis to validate they continue to meet the State & Decillion’s specific requirements. We sign an NDA & BA with every contracted agency. Our ability to coordinate the timely delivery of medications is vital for the HHA so their Nurses are only required to make a single visit. Decillion commits to having the patients medication at their home, or in the physicians office for timely administration of drug.

Physician IPO Exclusivity

Decillion Helathcare's Exlusivity Sources

Decillion Healthcare under this business model can provide MTM, compliance, adherence and side effect monitoring for every patient requiring treatment for a chronic disease. Decillion can sit down and work with the physician IPO to create a business appropriate model which best meets patients’ needs. Decillion will provide a single point of contact (Lead PCA) while also dedicating a unique “800” phone number for this account.

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